New Year. Not sure how that happened.Β 

Seems I blinked and it was Christmas and now? 2017, whoa. 

I need to resolve to make time for me. I need to resolve to not put off things I want to do because I’m “tired” “out of time” or “too busy”. People always say to make time and maybe it’s time I did. 

My mental health hasn’t been great the last year. Ok, if I’m being honest the last 3-4. When I say mental health I mean anxiety with a side of depression. Being in denial about depression wasn’t he best thing I’ve ever done but I have finally gotten my head out of my ass long enough to know I needed a med change and a therapist. 

Granted I’ve only seen the therapist once but I am going to be making another appointment. She asked me to start journaling and honestly I have only done it twice.  And once I only did because I couldn’t stop crying and that was the only thing that helped. Ive been too terrified to read that entry but I’m going to try and get my thoughts down here. It seems I always have my phone or a computer so it shouldn’t be too difficult to type up a short post a few times a week. 

Plus there’s the book “reviews” I like to dole out. 

This year I want to be a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better employee, and just an all around better person. To do that I need to work on me. So here goes nothing. 

Happy and healthy 2017 to all!