Sweet Little Pie

At times it seems the littlest Pie is a grumpy old man in an almost 3 year old body. Its awesome because it always makes me laugh and not so awesome sometimes because well, he’s a grumpy puss a lot. But he can also be the sweetest little thing. 

Tonight I’m not feeling so great. I’m achy, cold, and my nose is a leaky faucet and let’s add in cramps for added fun. I decided to get the two smaller kids in jammies and in my bed to snuggle and watch a movie. Big sister fell asleep quickly but my not my grumpy old man. He snuggled next to me for a bit and stroked my cheek then he yawned and before he rolled over he put his tiny, warm hand under my chin until and whispered “psst, love you mama”. 

I mean I just don’t even know where he came from. He’s amazing. My Sweet Little Pie. Moments like these make me think I’m not completely failing as a parent. He had to learn that from someone!