Darken the Stars – Book Review


The Kricket Series Book#3 – Darken the Stars by Amy A. Bartol

The other books in this series are Book #1 Under Different Stars & Book #2 Sea of Stars.

Ok, so normally, I’d write a book review after I read each book in a series and then maybe if I had more to say I would reflect on the series as a whole.

This one is going to be different mainly because when I first read book 1 in January of 2014 I didn’t know it was a series and book 2 hadn’t been published yet. Then I read book 2 in April of 2015 and I didn’t re-read them before I read book 3. I should have. Or I shouldn’t have. I don’t know.

Quick synopsis – Kricket is a teen living in Chicago having been through the foster system. She’s longing for a home, somewhere she belongs. She finds out she is really from a planet called Ethar where her parents were from different houses of the five on Ethar. She has psychic abilities and can project herself to places and see futures. She is being hunted by two houses due to a prophecy.

I fell in love with this series. I loved books 1 and 2. And even though I hated how it wrapped up I did love this one too.

Kricket is a strong girl and I was instantly captured by her spirit and determination. A girl who can take care of herself gets an A+ in my book. The tension between her and Trey and her and Kyon was palpable and drew me in, I wanted to root for them and I did. They just made sense and I could feel the love they have for each other. The overall love and action in both books was refreshing because usually it’s one or the other in books. I did enjoy Ms. Bartol’s writing style. The descriptions of a planet that does not exist outside of these pages was amazing. I wanted to be there with them. I wanted to see these gorgeous but deadly flowers and play with all the technology.

Then here comes Darken the Stars and in reading I for sure thought I knew what was coming. I was wrong. This book left me so angry I wanted to chuck my Kindle across the room. Sigh. I hate it when that happens.


SPOILER below this point. 

I felt cheated. As if the author had a word quota she could not exceed and had gotten there before she realized it. It felt as though Kricket deserved better. This girl, this beautifully resilient girl, who saved an entire planet ended up alone. I’m sure the feminist inside me is screaming “are you insane” but some characters just deserve their happy ending. Who knows, maybe I had one too many hormones out of control when I was on the last few chapters of this book and couldn’t deal. Maybe I will feel differently the further I get away from it or maybe if I re-read them again I won’t hate the end so much, but not right now. Right now I’m furious.

And to be honest, I don’t even know which HEA I would have wanted for her. One with Kyon who although was broken and in need of revenge loved Kricket probably more than himself. Or one with Trey who was the soldier trying to always do right by everyone. I’m not sure. But I do know I feel like this didn’t get closure.

Rawr. I don’t know. If you read this, God bless you. I feel as though my head is spinning. I am putting this in the re-read column.

3.5-4 star book for me.